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Simplify drawing process with new Markup Assist and flexible annotation workflowsSearchable Feature Services to accelerate your AutoCAD workflows (video: 3:18 min)Built-in Content Updater (video: 2:55 min)Drawing snaps, grids, and alignments (video: 2:22 min)Visio Connect-powered drawing import (video: 2:49 min)Unified cross-platform cloud file storageImproved drawing objects including ballpoint pen, arc, polyline and arc text (video: 2:55 min)Redesigned Web AppNew user interfaceEmbedded Help ViewerAccessing AutoCAD Help even fasterRead the newest post in the seriesThe new Markup Assist allows you to import markup from printed paper or PDFs into your AutoCAD drawings. It also works great for importing feedback or annotations that you may have previously received.The old Markup Assist, first released in AutoCAD 2017, worked only within the ribbon environment and used old, legacy support for importing the markup.Rapidly send and incorporate feedback into your designsWith Markup Assist, you can now quickly import existing PDF or printed text or annotations that you may have previously received from customers and share with others.Enter the markup you want to import and you can modify it as you see fit. Then, quickly click Send to AutoCAD to receive and incorporate the information into your drawing.Import feedback from printed paper or PDFsMarkup Assist supports importing not only.txt or.pdf files that you’ve previously opened with Windows Notepad, but also.png,.jpg, and.bmp images.Not only can you import images, you can also import PDFs that you may have previously printed out with your inkjet or laser printer. For these, you can click Add PDF (or PPT) to import a new PDF file.After you import the paper or PDF that contains the feedback, you can manipulate the document to fit your design requirements. If you need to change the existing information, you can do so at any time before sending the document. You can also adjust any content at any time before sending.Add annotations to your drawingsAutoCAD now supports a wide variety of annotations. You can place, modify, and format annotations on your drawings 2be273e24d


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