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Staff Shoe Review | Saucony Guide 17

Multi-tester Review by Luke and Zack


Men 9.9oz / Women 8.4oz

Stack Height (Heel to Toe Drop)

35mm / 27 mm (8mm)

Release Date







My first impression when I saw the new Saucony Ride 17 was that the Triumph update was a little boring…

And then I realized that this was not the next Triumph, but rather a $140 Ride 17 with a full PWRRun+ midsole, instead of just a sock liner insert, and my excitement returned!  As a background, the PWRRun+ foam is a proprietary Poly Urethane-based cushioning that is formulated at a lower density to increase the softness and decrease the weight compared to before when the removable sock liner was PU foam underneath the foot, but all the foam between that and the ground was traditional EVA foam.  Historically, a shoe made from this material would have cost $20 more than what the Ride 17 is listed at, so this tech at this price point is a great option!

On the upper, the gusseted tongue fits nicely and it protects you from a questionably stiff arch wrap, and the mesh toe box seems to have more volume than the v16, but don’t worry, it’s not sloppy.  Underneath, the tread has more ground contact with slightly better tread.  And I mean slightly in the thinnest of margins – there is a difference, but not enough to really fall into a pro or con category.

Functionally, it feels a little denser and heavier than the v16, but because the foam is improved, it moves with more responsiveness and energy return.  On paper, the weight for men has gone up a whole 1.1oz, and for women 0.6oz but the stack heights and drop remain the same as the previous years.  If that weight change scares you, I would still encourage you to run in them before you give up on the shoe completely because it is very hard to tell.

Honestly, my only complaint is that I have some pressure at the base of the tongue.  Saucony uses a plastic overlay to reinforce the tongue right at the point where your toes begin to flex, and this stiffer piece does put pressure on the top of my forefoot.  The issue did resolve after about 20-30 miles when the shoes broke in a little, but the concern would have been enough to sway me in a different direction at checkout…

We also gave Zack a pair to try out as well, and while everything written to this point has been from a run-centric point of view, we understand that even more of our customers are simply looking for a comfortable shoe that they can wear to work and get through their day without pain.  Zack’s Review focuses on a daily wear perspective:

The Ride 17 from Saucony has been an all-star in my work and life shoe rotation. The plush foam and wider toe box make it so easy to slip on for work, running to the store, working out, or like my weekend hanging with friends at a nerdy convention.

It is no secret that I am just starting my fitness journey again but, in the meantime, to review this shoe I took it to a convention over for a weekend trip where I would be on my feet all day and running around getting from event to event. The shoe held up very well for 14 plus hours of continuous wear. The cushioning in the shoe was plush but also springy to really help me get from one side of the convention hall to the other without feeling the hard tiled floors too much. While my teammates were ready to put their feet up 8 hours into the event because they were aching from all the walking and standing in lines. I was able to stay upbeat and keep going while my teammates were slowing down and ready for the hot tub where we were staying.

The biggest issue you normally run into at large indoor events is the heat from everyone being around and the Ride 17 was great. My feet never overheated which is a big issue for me because when they do get too hot it is all I can think about until they cool down.

The only gripe I have with the Ride 17 is the laces and if you’ve ever watched Luke and I on Youtube you know I am picky about laces and consider it user error if you wish but the laces had issues staying tied for me he ribbon style laces normally don’t give me that issue but these ones would become untied enough times to make me notice of 14 hours.

Overall, the Ride 17 is not only a solid choice for your daily trainer but a wonderful leisure wear shoe as well. The foam is so light and soft you almost forget you’re wearing a shoe. The versatility of the shoe for me is well worth the $140. I would say it is a solid 8.5/10

Have you put the Ride 17 in your shoe rotation yet? If not, do you think you want to give it a try? Stop by your local GBM Location and give a test 'ride'- get it? - and see what you think for yourself!

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